5 Easy steps to delete Flipkart order history in 2022

Are you looking for a method to delete Flipkart order history? so you are in the Right Place to do so.

As you all know that Flipkart is the world’s largest e-commerce company and like all e-commerce company Flipkart also stores the data of its users such as Order history, wishlists history order cancelation history, and also Search History.

And if you are a Flipkart user then you will know that there is no direct option to delete Flipkart Order History and now you are fed up with this and have to go to Google to search How To Delete Flipkart Order History.

So don’t worry, after reading this article you will never search on google again for How To delete Flipkart order history, to clear your order history you need to read this article completely and follow the step.

How to delete Flipkart order history

There is no such feature to delete Flipkart order history from the app or from any site, but we can make a request to them. Although it is guaranteed that they would delete order history but may have a chance. So without wasting any time let’s move to the process.

First, open the app and go to the account. Now click on orders, then select the order that you want to delete. We can’t delete multiple orders at once so we have to delete them one by one. After selecting the order click on “Need help?”. Type a request message to delete Flipkart order history and send it.

  1. Open the app & go to the account
  2. Click on “Orders”
  3. Select your order
  4. Click on “Need help?”
  5. Type a request message and send it

Let’s explore these five steps one by one to understand the steps clearly.

1. Open the app & go to the account

First, open the Flipkart app and go to the account that at the bottom of the page.

delete Flipkart order history

2. Click on “Orders”

Click on “Orders”, since we want to delete an order history we have to go to that specific order.

delete Flipkart order history

3. Select your order

Now select the order that you want to delete from your order history.

delete Flipkart order history

4. Click on “Need help?”

On this page click on “need help?”.

delete Flipkart order history

5. Type a request message and send it

Now you will be able to, make a request. You just have to type a request that you want this order history to be deleted from your account. You can have a look at the image given below.

delete Flipkart order history

If you still face problems during the process and are unable to complete the process then have a look at the video given below.

Q1- Can I hide my order on Flipkart?

Yes, you can hide your order on Flipkart by contacting the Flipkart support team, but you must give them a valid reason to do so.

Q2- How to delete the Flipkart seller account while it is still in the onboarding step?

1. Log in to Flipkart Seller Account
2. click on contact seller support
3. Raise a Support Ticket
4. write your queries
5. submit the ticket
then the Flipkart team support you soon.

Q3- What are the disadvantages of Flipkart?

Lack of availability in towns & cities,
High product value,
High cost of shipping charges,
Fake images are shown,
Low product quality.
Late delivery.

Q4- How do I delete Flipkart search history on my laptop?

To delete Flipkart Search history on your laptop you need to clear the data of your browser.


In this post, we learned about how to clear Flipkart order history and I hope this Article, became a help in your process. if you have any questions then comment below. I will reply to your comment as soon as possible.

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