How to download invoice from Flipkart 2022

How to Download invoice from Flipkart: In this post, I will tell you how to download the invoice from the product of Flipkart, if you have ordered any product from the Flipkart application and you did not get the bill with it.

The invoice is a digital bill, this bill included all wholesaler prices and GST costs and the Delivery details, a location like this.

If purchase any type of product from Flipkart, or Amazon and you can’t get the bill, But may need it later, that’s why you should download the Invoice from Flipkart.

In this post, I will explain your Query to “How to download the invoice from Flipkart“, in simple words.

Why you should download the invoice From online

After purchasing the product, a warranty is given, you can return the product if it becomes defective or will not be good, and for this, an invoice bill is required.

Return time is given in all types of purchases, if you want, you can return it, in this invoice bill is necessary.

After purchasing the product, if you have not received or received the invoice offline, then you have to download it online and save it on mobile.

In Case the bill is Lost, and the invoice is required at this time, you can use the invoice saved from the mobile.

How you can download an Invoice from Flipkart with the Right Method, In this post, I am going to provide a complete guide, follow all the given steps.

How to Download Invoices from the Online Flipkart website.

Whenever you go to download an invoice from the Flipkart app, the Invoice cannot be Downloaded. So today I will tell you the way to easily download an Invoice.

In this section, I will solve this problem and explain 2 types of methods, If you follow these processes, then you can download the Invoice without facing any problems.

All the steps will be told to you with the help of a screenshot, I will tell you how to download the invoice from the online website/portal, this is the first method.

Because when you do it from the mobile App then many people are not able to download it, if you do it from the portal then it is Easily done.

After that, I will tell you how to download invoices, through a mobile application also.

Follow the Given Step:

  • Open a Browser Chrome/Mozilla
  • Search
  • Then, Open the Portal
  • Click Left 3 line
  • Then, Click Login/Signup
  • Login Using Phone Number/Email Id
  • Fill in the blanks, then Continue
  • After Login, Go to My Order Section
  • Choose Your Product
  • Scroll down, Then click Invoice Download
  • Download It, then Open it

When you download the invoice, download it from the browser so that you can easily open it in Google Drive or PDF format.

Step #1: Open Chrome Browser

You can use a mobile, or laptop/computer to download the invoice from the portal. First, open the Chrome browser or a different browser.

Step #2: Then Go to Flipkart Portal

After that, you can search and open the first site that will come. If you download it from Flipkart’s portal, then it is easily downloaded and can be opened in any format.

Step #3: Open the Site, then Click the Left 3 line in the Top Corner

After the site is open, there will be 3 lines in the top left side corner, click on them.

download invoice from Flipkart

Step # 4: Then, Click Login/Signup

After that there will be an option of Login & Signup at the top, click on it.

How to download invoice from Flipkart

Step #5: After that, Login Using your Phone Number/Email Id

After that, you will be asked to log in with your mobile number or Emil, through which you can log in by filling the account you have created. In this, you can log in through your mobile number and then click on the option given below.

download invoice from Flipkart

Step #6: Go to My order Section

After login, you will have a new interface in front of you, click on the My Order section to download the invoice.

download invoice from Flipkart

Step #7: Click on the product for which you want to download the invoice.

There will be a list of all the products ordered, whichever product invoice you want, you can click on that product.

download invoice from Flipkart

Step #8: Scroll Down, Then Click on Invoice Download Option

After clicking on the top of the product, you will get its complete details, Scroll down a bit and click on the given invoice download option.

download invoice from Flipkart

Step #9: After Download the Invoice, Open Through google drive Option

After downloading the invoice, you can open it, when you click in you will have the option to open it in two formats, you can click on any one of them.

If the pdf app is not installed on the mobile, then it can’t open on your mobile, but you can open it in Google Drive.

download invoice from Flipkart
download invoice from Flipkart

I hope that you must have benefited from these steps, this is a Proven method, through which one can download invoices from Flipkart or any online e-commerce platform.

If you have any kind of doubt then you can comment below. If you want to Download through a mobile app, then you can follow the given steps.

How to download invoice from Flipkart through APP

If you want to download it from the mobile app of Flipkart, then I have given all the steps below. You can do it in the same way as you downloaded it from the online portal.

You can try whichever method is easy for you. Follow the Given Steps Properly and Download Invoice From Flipkart app

  • Open the Flipkart App
  • Click Left 3 Line
  • Then, Click My order Section
  • Choose a Product
  • Scroll down
  • Click on Invoice Download Option
  • A notification will come
  • Click this Notification
  • Then Open the File
  • Choose PDF option
  • The bill Successfully Download

these are the steps you have to follow to download an invoice from Flipkart, Let’s talk about some FAQs.

Q. #1 How to open the Flipkart Invoice file on mobile?

If you have downloaded the invoice from the Flipkart app, then you must have got a notification, click on it, and click on the file that has been downloaded, you can open it on the mobile itself by selecting a format.

Q. #2 Flipkart Invoice File Format?

When you download an invoice from Flipkart and have to open it, you will see two file formats, one PDF and the other in Google Drive format. You can use any of the file formats for it.

Q. #3 When can I download the Invoice from Flipkart?

When the product is delivered from Flipkart, you get a paper bill, if ever it gets lost, and you need it, you can download it online. You can also download the old Bill at any time.

Q. #4 Can I get the invoice before delivery?

Have ordered any product and, until you have an order, you cannot download the invoice bill, as an invoice bill is generated at the same time when the product is delivered.
Unless you have the product successfully Delivered, you cannot download the invoice.


How to download invoice from Flipkart: You can download invoices from Flipkart with both the methods mentioned above. In this post, I have explained how can you generate an invoice, or GST bill, from the portal of Flipkart and through the Flipkart APP.

Both the processes are best, but if you do it from the portal, then the invoice is easily downloaded, and the app causes problems for many people. That’s why do the given process in which you feel comfortable.

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